The Introvert’s Weekend

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I am a passionate person who gives 100% all week long. It’s hard for me to be reserved when I am around people with whom I feel comfortable. My ability to be empathetic and easily enthused certainly makes for an eventful day, so I’m glad I can be extroverted. My favorite moments of the day occur when I am open and receptive to my coworkers, friends, and family. Being open and emotionally available is one of my greatest achievements, and I am grateful for the relationships that have developed as a result. So by Friday evening I am tired in the best way. In order to fuel this lifestyle, I take the weekend to replenish my extroverted side with plenty of introverted downtime at home. I take weekends very seriously for this reason, and here is my favorite way to spend my time off.

Friday Night

Friday nights are for unwinding and preparing to do nothing. As previously mentioned, I sign-off from my phone so that I don’t have to see it all weekend and be reminded of things like Instagram, email, and the real word. The phone is used only as a phone (texting/talking). As much as I would like to stay up late, I usually am too tired to make it past 10 PM.


I can maintain an extroverted week through one very important trick: stay home and do nothing for one day. I learned this from my wise grandmother who has a very boisterous work and social life. She always aims to have one day completely off, where she doesn’t leave her pajamas or house. Essentially: she takes a Sabbath. For this one day, do whatever gives you rest, relaxation, and quiet time.

Saturday is generally my Sabbath day and begins with the baby wake-up call around 8 AM. We’ll have breakfast (and coffee for me!), and generally stay very low-key. When the weather warms up, we take a long walk around the neighborhood. I enjoy going to the park as well, but that will depend on how much energy I have available. Rest and relaxation are my top priority, so if it feels like work then I won’t do it!

Around noon, I put the baby and myself down for a nap and we generally sleep for 2.5 hours! It is glorious :). Next is lunch and whatever we feel like doing. Sometimes it’s going outside to play or even doing chores. Admittedly, I cannot give much detail about what it is I am doing, because the time passes and I just let it.

Dinner is always takeout (pizza or Chinese!) and we will watch a movie. After the baby goes to bed I break out the wine and watch reruns of Parks and Rec. My husband will watch sports and play online games. Saturday’s are a win:win for us both!


After my “day off” I feel ready to do a few things to maintain the household. I always do the following: grocery shopping, food prepping, laundering, vacuuming, and any other pressing chores. Surprisingly, these maintenance chores take almost the entire day to complete and by bedtime I’m glad the day is done. In between loads of laundry we go for a walk around the neighborhood, play outside, and watch some TV, so Sunday is not all work! Overall, I aim to get organized, especially with the week’s meals, because being organized and prepared makes for a much smoother week. The less I have to deal with in the week, the more energy I will have to contribute to my work, friends, and family.

I’d love to know: are you introverted or extroverted? What is your favorite way to rest and recoup?

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