Summer Surprises

In an effort not to become mundane I’ve started planning adventures. “Planning adventures”?? Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true, it can be done :). Many times life takes me by surprise and I end up having a really great time. So in an effort to avoid monotony, I’ve implemented monthly adventures! At the beginning of each month I jot down at least two fun things that we can do together as a family. After doing something new and fun, I notice a huge improvement in my overall mood and outlook on life. Below are a few of those said adventures that led to moments of happiness and contentment.

A Trip to Sierra Nevada.
This place is awesome! It felt a bit like an adult Disneyland with  plenty to see and do. The food was amazing and, of course, the beer delicious. The Brewery Tour provided information  about how the company began  in addition to how the beer is crafted. Their start-up story is really inspiring and made me appreciate the high quality beer even more.

My favorite spot was the outdoor patio, complete with: a beautiful deck, string lights, a garden, music amphitheater, beautiful trees, fun games, snacks, and beer. With the sun shining down brightly, it felt like my new favorite place.

The next time you’re in Asheville, NC or Chico, CA I highly suggest taking a trip out to Sierra Nevada, just make sure you have reservations at the restaurant and/or the tour if interested!

A late-summer beach trip.
Last summer, we had our final beach trip for the year in mid-September. I never imagined that mid-September would be my favorite time to enjoy a beach day. The weather was pure perfection, the sun warm without burning. This made for a lovely time of sitting in the low tide, playing with sand and shells, and generally enjoying a low-key day of loving on the baby and soaking up the sun.

A mountain getaway.

This year, we said farewell to summer in a magical trip to the mountains. This trip was perfect for me – a self-professed tree-hugging nature-girl! Our friend’s family invited my husband and me along for their annual Labor Day trip to their mountain house, which was so special. It was my first trip away from my son so I especially enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in, eat slowly, sit and read, and even do nothing. Ahhh, relaxation and adventure at it’s finest!

I know these trips all sounds very glamorous, so let me assure you that we do not stay at resort hotels! We are definitely in a season of strict budgeting, but we still have a life to enjoy. With that in mind, the aforementioned adventures occurred alongside friends and family, keeping the costs of room and board quite low. This decision lends itself to both financial peace and more fun with more people :).

As we move forward into the fall season, we plan to take advantage of the opportunity to explore nature outdoors, attend free/low-cost festivals, and visit with friends.  As long as the activity offers variation and ignites a sense of passion, wonder, or creativity then I consider it an adventure!

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