My Favorite Natural Skin Care Products

When I first learned that antiperspirants are formulated with aluminum, I began my quest for a deodorant that is made without harsh chemicals. With the amount of toxins we are exposed to everyday, I didn’t want to contribute to this by applying aluminum to freshly-shaved skin – making it all the more easy for the chemicals to get into my bloodstream.

My quest for natural deodorant began at Earth Fare and Whole Foods, where I stared dumbfounded at all the deodorants there were from which to choose. I finally settled on one and began my sweaty, smelly mess of adapting to organic deodorant. To be fair, I was always a sweaty, smelly mess with aluminum deodorants, so this was nothing new to me. However, most people report smelling worse at the start of transitioning to organic deodorant as the body finally has a chance to rid itself of the built-up chemicals.

It took a long while for me to get settled with the natural deodorants, which I believe has more to do with my personal body chemistry and hormones than with the product itself. I probably used six to eight different natural deodorants over four years before finally settling into my clothes without soaking through the armpits! This was a great personal accomplishment for me and I’m proud that I got my body on the right track.

The first natural deodorant that really worked well for me was Schmidt’s. I decided to try it out because it does not contain aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and propylene-glycol. It’s also certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Sadly, and as many women experience with this deodorant, I developed a small rash after shaving and nothing I did could prevent it. As an added annoyance, the deodorant practically freezes in the cooler months. I literally had to hold my blow dryer over it for about 10 seconds each morning in order to be able to apply it to my skin. So, as much as I loved the idea of Schmidt’s, I made the switch to Tom’s.

Happily, I am really enjoying Tom’s deodorant! Tom’s is also formulated without aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrance, or preservatives. Its formula doesn’t give me a rash nor does it freeze over in the colder months. Win, win! I also do not smell at the end of the day and on my lazy, no-shower days, I can even get away with not reapplying it! This is certainly not to say that I don’t still have my sweaty moments, because I do, but they’re much more in the realm of “normal,” which is definitely a major improvement.

My other go-to natural products include Good Soap from Whole Foods, Mimi’s Indulgent Moisturizer, and organic coconut oil. I love using coconut oil for my face and body; it’s super silky and I can apply it lavishly without guilt since a jar from the baking isle retails at $5.99 and it lasts about a year. As an added bonus, a dab of coconut oil on a piece of toilet paper easily doubles as a makeup remover. All in all, these products are simple, functional, and allow me to care for my skin without sacrificing quality!

What about you? What are your go-to natural products? I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Natural Skin Care Products

  1. It’s great to bring awareness to natural and organic skin care products. I especially want to try the organic coconut 🥥 oil! I use Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil. It’s rated 0 for clogging pores & absorbs well. Besides using it on my skin, I like the argan oil for my finger & toe nails. Also, as an over night conditioner on the dry ends of my hair. Given the cold weather & it’s effects, I want to try the organic coconut oil that you suggested for my dry chapped lips. It sounds ideal that it’s natural & will taste better. Like you said, win win!!! Thanks!


  2. Just getting back to reply.. I have also just started using a new deodorant that my wonderful son in law pointed out. It is Schmidts brand made with charcoal and magnesium. I have not had any rash from it, but it is harder to spread then Sure. It seemed crazy to eat organic but continue to use harsh chemicals.


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