2019 Reflections


In the beginning of 2019, I wrote that I wanted to be happy, healthy, and whole. As the year comes to a slow close, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my mission of becoming my best self. I believe this to be a forever-style mission: a goal in which progress can be made but perfection cannot be achieved. And that’s good for me, because I like a challenge with longevity :).

Some of the best moments this year occurred during our travels. We had marvelous family adventures in addition to getting to see dear friends, thanks to the opportunity to travel. My favorite days of the whole year were those spent on the beach, just the three of us. It was a time of quiet reflection, which I needed. Followed by a close second are the days spent with extended family at a rented lake house. Months later, my son is still talking about how we went to the lake house with Grams and he went fishing. We all cannot wait to go back :). Additionally, I got to see BOTH of my very best friends for the first time in too long!


I had the privilege of working on some behind-the-scenes copy writing and editing projects. This brought me great fulfillment and is something I hope continues in 2020. Whenever I get paid for my writing services I am always in humble disbelief. I stare at those checks, marveling at their existence. My plan is to frame my first check and keep it in my future (yet-to-exist) “writing room” :). At work, I settled into my new role, moving from 20 clients to 50 at a time. Some days were harder than others, and always there was a challenge to work through. But, I did it and I am grateful for the fast-paced hustle that my coworkers and I do day in and day out. Just like with weightlifting, the more you do the stronger you get, and I learned that this transfers to career work, too. There are things that I power-through at lightning speed now compared to when I started almost two years ago! Improvement is a great milestone.

Speaking of weightlifting, Sydney Cummings took my 6:00 AM living room workouts to the next, very intense level! I cannot say enough good things about her workouts and I am so grateful to have access to her training programs. All of her videos are free, which is amazing! They’re so good that I actually feel guilty that I am not paying for it, haha! I do support her by purchasing her workout calendars, which is something I am happy to do to show my appreciation for such high-quality training. I am stronger, and yet still have more gains to make! To see what I mean, check out this video and I think you’ll be hooked, too :).

Lastly, thank you for another year here on The Honest Journey. I know that sometimes my posts were few and far between, so thank you for sticking around. I aim for quality over quantity, though I would ultimately like to achieve both. But I also know that I have too many external forces working against that goal right now, and that’s okay. In writing, I have found that it takes time to mull over a feeling, turn it into a thought, put it into words, produce it for the internet, and then let it sit there. That process repeats itself as often or as little as it desires, and I am just happy when it decides to come my way.

Thanks again, and I hope you have a wondrous holiday season and a happy new year.




6 thoughts on “2019 Reflections

  1. Tis the Season for reflecting and your writing has encouraged the time-out needed to appreciate what we have. It is amazing when we find the right FIT to take us to our next FITNESS level and you can’t beat free:) STAY STRONG and LIVE ON!!!


  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs, insights & relatability this year!!! Looking forward to your blogs for 2020! It’s hard to find a genuine friend. I’m honored & blessed with my best friend Pam for 29 years and her beautiful family! I’m so thankful❣️ My wednesday class instructor Ted told me about Sidney Cummings workouts! I do the 20minUte mobility on the regular. Like you said, her work outs are free because Sydney wants to share & help others which is admirable & caring!! Just like your blogs❣️Joyful Holidays To All! And A Happy & Healthy New Year!!


  3. It sounds like you had a very fulfilling and adventurous year! I’m so happy to have followed along to witness it in a blog-reader kind of way of course. Cheers to 2020 and whatever is greatest on your heart, friend! And YES to framing that first check! 🙂


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