An Extra Day of Life


I had not considered February 29th to be anything more than an awkward (and totally cool) day for a birthday until a promotional email suggested otherwise. The email suggested that February 29th should be considered a “bonus day” to take advantage of and do the things that make you feel alive and connected with those you love. What a perfect sentiment! And, what a great coincidence that this year the “extra day” lands on a most beloved Saturday.

So, what did I do today? Thanks to my husband who went on baby duty early this morning, I got to sleep in. Nothing contributes more to my ability to be a functioning adult than sleeping in on Saturday. My mind and body have agreed to get up early and hustle all the other days of the week, but only if Saturday can be the day to not do that at all. At 10:15 AM I got up feeling like a million bucks. Then there was coffee and breakfast and kids’ TV shows and playing trucks. Now, at 12:50 PM I am writing this post, connecting to my creative side. Later, we plan to adventure out into the world in search of some family fun.

Will this extra day be a perfect day? No, probably not. Right now, my son should be napping but he is not, which means that later there will be an epic meltdown. There will likely be traffic and other inconveniences when we leave the house. But, in the end, that is life. And an “extra day” of it just means there will definitely be another opportunity for things that are fun and things that are not so fun. 

I really appreciate this comment a reader posted on the blog site, Cup of Jo: “For the first time in my life, I am proud of myself. Fully. Without any excuses. I am 35 years old, I have a Ph.D., I am a lawyer and a mother. Married for 13 years. And I suffer from anxiety, depression and ADHD. I love cartoons and have piercings and tattoos. I read philosophy, but I also like to read about silly things. I wear the clothes I want, without worrying about social conventions. I’ve never felt so beautiful, enlightened and happy. And there are days that suck. But I fully accept myself, the good, the bad and the ugly. To be the best example for my two-year-old daughter: that she is her. And this is beautiful.”

Man, what a remarkable outlook on life! I love how she stated that her life is a spectrum: good, bad, ugly, sucky, beautiful, enlightened, happy. I’m going to use my “extra day” (which, really, is every single day I’m alive) to explore all of that, and what a blessing that is.

Happy Leap Year, everyone!


6 thoughts on “An Extra Day of Life

  1. So true to embrace the Good, Bad & the Ugly!!! To enjoy Every Day as a Bonus Day! At least to find any little thing that is good in each day especially when a lot can be so difficult! I wish I could have had this perspective at around 3rd to 12th grade when for me peer pressure interfered daily & I felt the bullies were restricting my joys & growth. But I would leave them & those 10 years in past. And even though there will always judgemental people, I now know that is their problem! I will continue to be Me regardless because I am an individual! Each day I’m so thankful for my family, friends, treasured moments, simple joys & I’m learning to include to appreciate myself.

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  2. What a beautiful post and reflection! My Saturday felt similar to how you describe yours; soap making, sleeping in thanks to a selfless husband, lots of trucks, some grocery shopping and Zumba. The good and mundane! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, friend.


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