A Simple Christmastime

My brother and I, 1994 While flipping through a Christmas décor inspiration magazine at the grocery store checkout line, I came across a home feature that proclaimed to have decorated with the goal of achieving extravagance and formality. Extravagance and formality are two manners from which I never operate, preferring instead that of simple authenticity. … Continue reading A Simple Christmastime

Healthy Boundaries During a Fight with a Friend

On the heels of On Calling Bullshit, I was, naturally, presented with an opportunity to indeed call someone’s bullshit. When I wrote that post in July, I thought there would be only feelings of great achievement if I were to call out another person for the crap they were giving me. I thought I would … Continue reading Healthy Boundaries During a Fight with a Friend

Traveling During COVID-19

Earlier this month my family and I flew on four different airplanes. (!!) That might sound totally irresponsible to you, but after careful consideration we decided to go for it. Thankfully, as it turned out, everything went just fine :). More importantly, moving through the airports was a marvelous reminder that there is more to … Continue reading Traveling During COVID-19