Season’s Greetings from CA

Photo by Matt on Unsplash Season’s Greetings from California! I hope everyone had a lovely time with family and/or friends and that the pumpkin pie turned out okay. I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly over the past week, though my pumpkin pie crust got burned. But that’s okay because the chocolate pie turned out great! All other … Continue reading Season’s Greetings from CA

How to Deal with Foolish People You Can’t Please

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash The other day I found myself in the midst of a controversial discussion – my least favorite place to be. Due to my overall discomfort, I mostly just let the other person talk. When I finally found some courage and words that I felt could help, I began sharing. … Continue reading How to Deal with Foolish People You Can’t Please

Healthy Boundaries During a Fight with a Friend

On the heels of On Calling Bullshit, I was, naturally, presented with an opportunity to indeed call someone’s bullshit. When I wrote that post in July, I thought there would be only feelings of great achievement if I were to call out another person for the crap they were giving me. I thought I would … Continue reading Healthy Boundaries During a Fight with a Friend

Healthy Boundaries with Words

Having healthy boundaries with words is a big deal. The things we say will make or break us as individuals and our words directly affect every aspect of every relationship. When we are careful and measured with our words we can maintain our relationships. Contrarily, being brash and cruel leads to hurt feelings and contempt … Continue reading Healthy Boundaries with Words

Healthy Boundaries with Social Media

Right now, I know too much. I know the first, middle, and last names of all the children and husbands of the “career women” I follow on Instagram. I know what they wore today, what their kids ate for lunch, and what they bought at Target, among other useless information. I follow these women because … Continue reading Healthy Boundaries with Social Media