The 2019 Mission Statement


Welcome to 2019! Another year to build upon the progress made, another day to keep on keeping on, as Joe Dirt would say :). My favorite part of turning a new year is the abundance of positive horoscopes and their promises of great things to come, in addition to discovering what others are planning to do with their next 365 days. It’s fun to come up with a wild idea, craft a plan, and then make it happen.

I can set goals better than anyone when it comes to the career aspect of my life. I love finishing tasks and crossing them off my to-do list. I love marking my progress when I get a “good job” from a superior. I love promotions and growth. I like when I do well and hate when I do poorly. I am always striving for that A+ even now, six years post graduation, and my daily actions work towards achieving that goal.

I feel it’s easier to set goals in a career because the path seems more clear-cut: do a good job, work hard, be nice, keep trying, maybe get a promotion, repeat until retirement.

But in my personal life? That path is not so clear-cut. I truly do not know what twist or turn may come my way. Sometimes the turn occurs in my career, and that’s okay, I can work with that. But sometimes the turn happens in my private life, and that’s kind of scary. Because not all of life’s twists are joyful, each year I find it just a little bit harder to be optimistic when plotting yearly goals. Since I’m not sure what kind of adventures I will find in 2019, I feel more comfortable keeping my goals loosely defined.

However, I still want to keep growing. So this year I am crafting a mission statement to guide who I will be, no matter what may come my way.

I want to be happy, healthy, and whole. Therefore, I will continue the good work of becoming my own, awesome self. I will make decisions that positively affect myself, my husband, my son. I will “be at war with my vices” and I will be glad for each new gift of another day.

Happy New Year, friends! I look forward to uncovering and sharing more of this journey with you :).

9 thoughts on “The 2019 Mission Statement

  1. Yes, The New Year is our own personal book of 365 days. Each year a different book! That truly amazes me now that I’m older. And positivity, goals & self worth are key elements!!! As for me deep seeded emotions, uncontrollable events & at times interaction from others can cause me such anxiety! So now I try to set the smallest of goals or make slight adjustments in order not to overwhelm or disappoint myself. But it’s all learning, loving & living. And definitely self worth & mindfulness continues my development as well as my appreciation & love for my husband, our wonderful son, loved ones & friends May each New Year bring the best of good health, happiness & love to all❣️


  2. Oh wow, I love this so much! It feels like the perfect happy medium between a “word for the year” and a list of specific goals. I’d love to read about how this mission statement impacts your 2019, once we get to the end of it. Cheering you on! 🙂


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