As a White Woman, This is What I Notice

I notice that my television screen is full of white people. I notice that in TV shows, there is only one black person, playing the token black role. I notice that Schitt’s Creek, acclaimed for being diverse and forward-thinking in regards to sexuality, fails to do anything for colored people. There is one black person … Continue reading As a White Woman, This is What I Notice

Ten Weeks of Togetherness

Camped out at the makeshift, work-from-home desk! My son’s daycare has been closed for the past ten weeks. My husband and I are both considered “essential workers.” Yes, it’s been quite the at-home adventure. In general, I feel very confused about the unfairness in which life sits. In the process of social distancing, some parents … Continue reading Ten Weeks of Togetherness

Healthy Boundaries with Words

Having healthy boundaries with words is a big deal. The things we say will make or break us as individuals and our words directly affect every aspect of every relationship. When we are careful and measured with our words we can maintain our relationships. Contrarily, being brash and cruel leads to hurt feelings and contempt … Continue reading Healthy Boundaries with Words